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Welcome to the Empire of British
Our treasures are always smiling & purring :

We would like to thank you for  your visit and we invite you to share our passion.

The first time we saw a picture of a British Shorthair in 2002, we were charmed and felt in love with this breed. This is why our definitive decision was made - British is our blue dream.

Founded in 2004, Empire of Glamour Cattery is recognized for its purebred specialisation in British Shorthair  blue, lilac, cream, black, chocolate et torties colors. Our cattery is closed, in order to protect and to transmit to all our kittens glorious lines from Germany, England, Holland, Belgium, Russia and France. Thereby, you can be reassured that all our kittens are of outstanding quality and are conform to the standards of different cat associations such as TICA, CCA, WCF, FIFe and other.

We are proud to see our kittens living in awesome families located all over the world (Canada, United States and Europe).

Our priorities:

  • To breed healty kittens & cats
  • To conform to the BS standards, only british shorthair are breeding together, none other breeds are accepted (100% British SH Pedigree)
  • To transmit all our kittens: bigness, charm, character, impeccable coat inherited from their prestigious lines
  • To let know more about this breed which is in its growth in popularity
  • To let you relize your ''blue'' dream (''lilac'', ''cream'' ‘’black’’, ‘’chocolate’’ or ''tortie'') as well as we did it!

Avantages of British Shorthair or Why should I choose  this breed?
  • Minimum of maintenance
  • No seasonal shedding, nor hairballs
  • Very intelligent, educated, good temperament
  • Easily adapt to your habits
  • Share their love with all family members and other animals
  • Do not need to be declawed
  • Anti-allergen (remarquable number of examples, but depends on the level of your allergy)
  • And many other advantages...

Being a part of our Empire you can always rely on our experience, obtain more information regarding maintenance of british, their care, and learn more about them. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,
Chatterie Empire of Glamour Cattery




Home Emperors Empresses Kittens Pictures Contacts


British Shorthair Cats - Empire of Glamour Cattery located in Canada | tel: (450) 339-3563 | britishcat@empireofglamour.com

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